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For Your Startup

We don’t do outsourcing, we provide in-house developers for your company who work remotely from our offices in Krakow, Poland. We help scale your startup by building a remote team of Pre Tested, top notch developers for you. We also increase your runway by providing more efficient developers at a lower cost base.

Developers from €3,250 per month

Hire top 5% of Developers

We put all our developers through a rigorous recruitment process, if they don’t meet our standard then we don’t hire them. Our developers are the top 5% of all developers.

When you hire your “A” grade developers they only work for you. In fact you manage your developers directly. We are not an outsourcing company, We provide a comfortable environment for your remote development team and one simple invoice per month. You don’t have to worry about taxes, insurances, accountancy issues. We take care of all of that for you and just give you one simple invoice.

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We can find the ideal candidate for you whether the technology is web, mobile, or a desktop technology stack


All our developers speak fluent English ensuring seamless communication


Trial period with all candidates - you only pay when happy with your developer


All developers are thoroughly tested with both internal and external testing tools

Job offers

We created Techforce to offer companies a new and better way to start up or scale up their software development teams.

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