Everything you need to know to get started

How do you source candidates for me?

After an initial discussion with you, we do an extensive search through our database of prescreened candidates to find the perfect match for you. If we can’t find anyone in our database, we will start an immediate search in the local market to find the right candidate for you.

How much do you charge for the recruitment process?

Nothing – its completely free.

How do I select and hire candidates?

We will provide you with a number of candiidates to review. Each candidate has already been tested for thier skill in coding. We will then organise a skype call with the developers you are interested in. Once you are happy with the candidate, we provide the developer with a contract and they will then be available to start work.

On what basis are the people hired ?

We hire the developers and look after all taxation and other regulations as well as providing training and other support. You just pay our monthly fee. There are no other costs and you have no legal liabilities.

Are the developers working for anyone else?

No, the developer only works for you and their time is fully dedicated to you.

What are the terms regarding payment?

A 1250 euro fee is charged for set up, this includes chairs, desks, computers etc. You will then pay 1 month in advance for your developer.

Are there any other costs?

If you decide you would like to use custom software that needs a license then you will have to pay for the cost of the license. There are no other hidden costs. We provide your developer with multiple bonuses throughout the year. There is no requirement for you to provide one, but it is appreciated by the developer if you decide to give one.

What about salary increases?

Its a good policy to review salary every 12 months or so. We will also let you know if we think the developer should have an increase. This can be because of market rates or if the developer proves to be exceptional. Please note all of the increase goes to the developer. We make our money on the Margin and its set from the start. This way we actually work for you and in your interests.

How do I terminate the contract with my developer?

If you need to dismiss the services of your developer we ask for one full calendar month’s notice period prior to termination of the contract. This is not available during the first month of service.