Our model

For startups

We don't do outsourcing, we provide in-house developers for your company who work remotely from our offices in Krakow, Poland. We help scale your startup by building a remote team of pre-tested, top-notch developers for you. We also increase your runway by providing more efficient developers at a lower cost base.

Techforce Model

Step 1: Search

We analyze your requirements and search for qualified candidates. We also take note of any special platform requirements like Linux, Mac or Java environments. Once we understand your needs we begin our search and selection process.

Step 2: Select

We produce a short list of CVs for your consideration, and optionally you can conduct video interviews with the shortlist to make your selection. At all times during our selection process our candidates are screened for technical proficiency and also English.

Step 3: Start Up

Once you have selected a candidate(s) the next step is to give us the green light. We'll hire them on your behalf and get them up and running with the right software and equipment.

Step 4: Scale Up

The next step is to manage your remote developer. We provide secure firewalls and virtual private networks to make the workflow as smooth as possible. Hire additional developers as needed.